RMGS 6th Form Application Form 2018
This form should be completed by students who are wishing to join Rainham Mark Grammar School 6th Form in September 2018. Please use an email address that you can access all year round including in the holidays.
Once you have completed the form, please click "Submit". The closing date for applications is 9th February 2018 and offers will be made from 19th February onward. The 6th Form Open Evening is on 14th November 2017, 5.45-8.15pm. We look forward to reading your application and thank you for your interest in RMGS.
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A Level choices. Having read our prospectus online at www.rainhammark.com, please list your three subject choices in order of preference plus a reserve choice SUBJECT 1: *
Core Maths (AS equivalent) studied over 2 years. Tick below if you would like to do Core Maths IN ADDITION to your 3 A Levels.
SUBJECT 4. Please add a 4th subject choice if you wish to be considered for this unusual option. Students will only be offered 4 subjects if they are of exceptional ability and/or are opting to do two subjects plus Maths and Further Maths.
GCSEs. Please list in alphabetical order all full course GCSEs you will be taking this summer, along with the predicted grades (the grades that your teachers think you will get in your actual GCSE exams) in brackets next to each subject e.g. English Language (6) *
Do you consider yourself to have a disability *
SEND_________________________________________Please give details of any special needs you have. If you are a Looked After Child (LAC), please let us know below.
Personal statement. Please add a short statement (no more that 500 words) why you wish to join Rainham Mark Grammar School 6th Form. *
Please tick the box below to show that you understand that applications will be processed after 19 February 2018. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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