Your Social Voice fact-finding questionnaire
As part of our initial process, we have a list of general and industry specific questions we ask our clients to find out essential information about their company. We use this to create an internet marketing plan that is better tailored to your company’s specific needs. Just answer what you can of the below questions and skip the rest (although every little bit of information helps!).
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Business Name *
What is the main offer? *
Are There Other Offerings? *
(any other services or products you provide that add value to the main offering)
Do You Have A USP? *
(Unique Selling Proposition – a short statement that sums up what separates you from your competitors) / How are you different in the marketplace?
How Are You Positioned and Priced in The Marketplace? *
(Where do you see yourself in relation to your competitors in regards to your brand image and pricing?)
How Is The Main Offering Delivered? *
(describe the process a customer goes through from when they first contact you to delivery of your product or service.)
We typically focus on your most profitable clients when developing your marketing strategy, this makes sure your resources aren’t wasted on less beneficial clients. Who are your ideal clients? *
(Describe some of their basic characteristics and what they buy from you)
What is their typical spend with your company over their lifetime? *
(How much do they spend in their total interaction with your company?)
Who Are Your Main Competitors? *
(Top 3)
What Is Your Current Revenue? *
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