HCAP Staff Application 2017-18
Thank you for your interest in the 2018 HCAP Conference "Redefining Leadership: Initiative and Influence in the Modern World".

This application is for NEW members. If you have previously staffed an HCAP conference, please apply at this link: https://goo.gl/forms/I7TyikAP9FPHC3Q32

APP DUE: Friday September 22nd at 11:59PM!

Here are a couple of pointers before you start

1. Our timeline is as follows--you MUST participate in both conferences to be a member of HCAP: (exception: our NON-TRAVELING option, detailed in section 5)
September - December: All ~90 members will help plan our January conference.
January 14 - January 21: We will welcome ~72 foreign delegates from our 9 partner schools, each hosting one student. Note: this takes place over Wintersession, so Harvard classes are not in session!
March 10 - March 18: We jump on the plane and reunite with our friends abroad for their conference!!

Please realize that members will pay for their own airfare in March. All other expenses abroad, including housing and food, are covered by the partner school (likewise, HCAP will cover the costs for foreign delegates in January). If you feel that a financial situation may prevent you from participating in HCAP, please consider our NON-TRAVELING option (section 5).
2. We will invite applicants to schedule an interview during the week of September 25 -- please keep an eye out!
3. The committees are fairly self-explanatory, but the responsibilities are as follows:
Content: You will plan the events of the conference, ranging from speakers to field trips to cultural excursions.
Finance: You will contact sponsors within and beyond Harvard for our funding.
Alumni Relations: You will assist in developing HCAP's alumni connections, including an HCAP LinkedIn and an alumni newsletter.
Foreign Delegations: You will be the contact for your country's delegation and help coordinate travel and hosting.
Public Relations + Multimedia: You will contribute to web design, take photographs of our conference, and design our conference t-shirt, booklet, posters, and video.
Operations: You will organize the food, supplies, and travel arrangements (within Boston) for the conference.
Social: You will plan and supervise events including the talent show, Mr. HCAP, HCAP Prom, etc.
4. A brief description of our theme:
Our generation is coming of age in a time characterized by the reshuffling of international powers as new nations rise to prominence, irrepressible technological development and progress, and social issues both foreign and domestic are being in the global spotlight. As our world continues to diversify, the Harvard College in Asia Program hopes to explore the necessities of effective contemporary leadership with our 2018-19 conference theme, “Global Leadership in the 21st Century: Empowering Education.”

One of the missions of the HCAP conference is to develop leadership by utilizing the lessons and human connections we build from across the globe. Each day of our conference will have focused sub-themes, with topics ranging from business, entrepreneurship, the public sector, education, technology & social media, and more. Through lectures, case studies, and excursions, we will examine current and emerging leaders in various fields. At our conference, we hope to work together to learn and understand the qualities we need to truly lead in the modern world.
HCAP has had a long-standing partnership with Boğaziçi University in Istanbul. Due to current events and Harvard's elevated risk travel alert on the city, we cannot plan to send Harvard students to Istanbul this coming March.
HOWEVER, we still plan to bring 8 Istanbul delegates to the Harvard conference in January. Our goal is to form a non-traveling Harvard delegation to host them and spend the Wintersession week with them, though as of right now there will be no corresponding conference in Istanbul in March. These Harvard students would participate in only the January conference.
This option is ideal if:
- You have other spring break plans that would interfere with HCAP.
- The cost of a plane ticket is a financial concern.
- You are interested in learning more about Istanbul and welcoming a wonderful group of Turkish delegates to Harvard in January!
There will be a separate space on the application to indicate interest in being considered for the non-traveling delegation. Additionally, we may offer this option to students on our waitlist after the initial selection round.

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Bangkok - Chulalongkorn University
Dubai - American University in Dubai
Hong Kong - University of Hong Kong
Mumbai - St. Xavier's College
Seoul - Ewha Womans University 
Singapore - Singapore Management University
Taipei - National Taiwan University
Tokyo - University of Tokyo
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HCAP is looking for a diverse group of individuals that can represent Harvard as a whole and its students for our Asian counterparts. What unique aspect of Harvard or your own life do you think you can present to the students in Asia? *
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