Career Explorations Program - Parents, Please Volunteer to Share Your Career Path Journey with Students at IA
This form is a simple survey to understand which category your career would fit into as we pull together speakers from our parent community for the first virtual Parent Career Panel to inspire students and help them understand the diverse career options they might wish to explore. 

Our 1st kick off Panel will be on 11/29, Tuesday, in the evening from 7-8:30 at our next PTIA meeting time and we ask that you let us know if you can make it if you are selected for this first panel as we only have a few weeks to get the program organized. 

We will be organizing several more interactive panels or speaker series during the school year and ideally a career fair for students with your help. 

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Your Linked in Page (if you have one) - copy and paste in your hyperlink to help us learn more. 
Confirm that you can be available from 7-8:30 on 11/29, Tuesday to be a participant in a virtual panel for students *
Do you want to learn more about Shadow opportunities with IAE students via our Enrichment Programs?  *
Thank you for helping us understand your profile and sharing your interest in supporting students explore their career opportunities in the future.  Share any other thoughts or suggestions here.  

Note: We will get back to you within a week about being a speaker the first panel of the school year (we want to have a balanced, diverse group of speakers at each event).  

We will be in touch as we have several more career oriented series planned.   Kaushika, Shankar and Minal (Career Explorations Committee)

Further questions drop us an email via
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