Junior Dev Speed Dating Interviews | Minnebar 2018
Hello, Job Providers!

We’re hosting a free recruiting event at Minnebar on April 14, and you’re invited.

Our Junior Software Developer Speed Dating is a session designed to give junior dev and recruiters five minutes to get to know each other and figure out if they want to move on to more formal interviews. While five minutes isn’t long enough to know if you want to hire a candidate, it’s exactly enough time to see if both sides are excited by the prospect of each other.

Because the session will only be 50 minutes long, we’re looking to get each recruiter between five and ten candidates. The benefit of Minnebar is that it is designed with spontaneity in mind— if you find candidates you really like, you’ll have the opportunity to catch up with them over lunch, happy hour, or even in lieu of another session.

While this event is focusing on the speed-dating interviews, we’ll also be collecting information from potential candidates who don’t make it into the interviews themselves. Each company who sends a representative will have a raincheck box for candidates to submit their names, email addresses, desired role, and phone number. Our hope is this provides you with more leads than just the limited number of candidates you’ll meet in the session. The beauty of Minnebar is that, with the candidate’s consent, you can even set up your own speed-dates after the session. There’s ample space and opportunity to grow your recruiting pipeline in a setting that selects for engaged, driven junior developers.

Please fill out this form as soon as you’re able to commit.

We look forward to seeing you at Minnebar!

Genghis Philip & Eryn O'Neil

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We are only looking for hiring partners who have a role or roles open for junior developers. If you don't have a job open right now, or you aren't open to hiring junior developers, then this event is not a good fit.
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