2023 QuarkNet Teacher Workshop
Dates: July 24-26
Location: Physics & Astronomy Department, University of Oklahoma
Workshop agenda: https://quarknet.org/content/summer-workshop-2023-ou 
Contacts: Professors john.stupak@ou.edu and joseph.haley@okstate.edu

New and returning participants welcome!

The QuarkNet workshop is for high school science teachers in Oklahoma who want to learn more about particle physics, cutting-edge research, and how to incorporate particle physics content in the classroom.  QuarkNet is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.  Participants will receive a stipend of $120/day and travel support (e.g. hotel and partial mileage reimbursement).

This year's workshop will be three days long.  The main goal of this workshop is to introduce high-school science teachers to particle physics, so they can incorporate the subject in their classrooms.  In addition to physicists, QuarkNet education experts will be in attendance to help facilitate the workshop.  No prior knowledge of particle physics is assumed.

This year’s workshop will be three days.  The first and second days of the workshop will include a reintroduction to particle physics, as well as discussion of several outstanding problems and how we seek to resolve them.  The remainder of the workshop will build on this foundation, consisting of discussion and hands-on data analysis activities (suitable for the classroom) that investigate the mysterious neutrino and associated experiments.  A detailed agenda is linked below.

As space and funding are limited, please complete this form ASAP if you are interested in participating.

We hope you will be able to join us.  Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions, and feel free to pass this along to anyone that might be interested.

John Stupak (OU) and Joe Haley (OSU)
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