Preble Sports Academy Sign-up
The priority window for PSA sign-up is March 26th-April 20th.

Additional PSA Information is Located here:

A Note On Transportation: The busing schedule will be posted to the Preble Sports Academy website once available. An email of the busing schedule will also be sent once the schedule is finalized. Bus drivers will have a list of the students scheduled to ride their bus. Please look for the sign with the bus number on it on the bus window to the left of the door as you board the bus. If you are in need of transportation, please note the home school of your child(ren) on the form. Due to construction, some home schools may have a drop-off/pick-up location at a nearby location.

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Will your student be riding a bus to the Academy? El estudiante viajar en un autobus a la Academy?
Bus Drop-off/Pick-up
If your student is riding a bus, which school site is most convenient for your student to be picked up and dropped off each day? Due to construction at various schools this summer, a nearby building will be designated as the pick-up and drop-off location for those affected schools. Si su estudiante es viajar en un autobus, que sitio de la sitio escuela es mas conveniente para usted?
School Next Year
Please indicate the school that your student will attend next year. Por favor, indique la esquela que su estudiante debe asistir proximo ano.
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This is the grade the student will be in next year. Esto es el grado para proximo ano.
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