Frankfort Public Library District STRATEGIC QUESTIONS
The Frankfort Public Library District is conducting long term strategic planning to find efficient and effective ways to meet and exceed the expectations of the members of our community. You can provide us with welcomed assistance by honestly responding to our survey.
Are you a personal or business resident of The Frankfort Public Library District? (Check all that apply)
Please help us determine our service by identifying your age:
Your household size?
When was the last time you visited the Frankfort Public Library?
If you have not visited the library in the past year, please identify the primary reason(s) you did not come to the library (Select as many as are true for you):
How often do you visit the FPLD --WEBSITE--?
FPLD is open Mon-Thur 9-9, Fri & Sat 9-5, Sun (SEPT-MAY) 1-5. How satisfactory are the library's hours?
What is the best way to share information with you? (Select your top two choices)
How would you rate the following FPLD services
Don't Know
Check-In, Check-out service
Inter-library loan services
Adult Information / Reference Service
Youth/Teen Information / Reference Service
Collection (books, DVDs, etc.)
Youth Programs
Adult Programs
Meeting Room Reservations
Computers, printing, internet access
Downloadable books, mags, audiobooks
Building and grounds
How do you currently use the library?
What type of experiences besides maintaining physical and electronic collections, would you like the library to provide?
Not Interested
Somewhat interested
Very interested
Learn a non-technical skill (languages, writing, investment)
Learn a technology skill (computer classes, coding)
Do a one-time project (use a 3D printer, produce a youtube video)
Enjoy a film, short play, or performance
Exchange ideas (book groups, associations, discussion groups)
Enjoy an activity with others (board games, story tellers, art groups)
Get expert help with an upcoming task (test prep, taxes)
Get help achieving a personal goal (health/fitness, meditation, parenting, interviewing)
Attend a presentation by an expert on a particular subject matter
What children's or young adult programs would you be interested in attending at the library? Choose up to three.
If you could make improvements to the children's and young adult collections, what would you change?
Not interested
Somewhat Interested
Very interested
No opinion
Create a "Middle Grade" fiction shelving area for books with a target audience of grades 5-8
Develop a collection of materials for homeschooling
Offer more circulating science kits.
Offer more copies of popular titles
Offer more electronic (ebook, e-audio, streaming video) titles
If you could make improvements to the adult collections, what would you change?
Not interested
Somewhat Interested
Very interested
No opinion
Expand the Large Print Collection
Eliminate or expand the bottom shelves
Expand the eBook Collection
Replace CDs with more books and DVDs
Replace best selling magazines with specialized titles
Would you be willing to pay for special events at the library?
If you would be willing to pay for special events, what type of event?
Would you be willing to pay for classes at the library?
If you would be willing to pay for classes at the library, what type of classes?
To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements about FPLD's Downloadable Collections?
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
It is easy to search for downloadable items
There is usually no wait for a downloadable item I want
I am confident in my ability to download an item from the collection
FPLD provides a sufficiently large collection of downloadable resources
FPLD should provide downloadable music
Think of the Frankfort Public Library today. If you could make improvements, how would you rank these priorities?
Not needed
Low priority
Medium priority
High priority
Expand hours
Add an awning leading to the front door
Expand the physical collections
Offer more eBooks and Downloadable Audiobooks
Offer more databases
Offer more Classes
Offer more open lab time in the Learning Lab
Offer more Lectures
Host more Community Events
The Frankfort Public Library District tax rate is 0.21% of Equalized Assessed Valuation. The tax rate has not increased since 1978. Would you support an increase of 0.05% or about $50 per household per year?
Please provide any thoughts you can offer on how we can improve the Frankfort Public Library District?
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