Fur Love & Lust Hunt 2 Info & Rules
This hunt is to be for items made for the <UTILIZATOR> Kemono mesh avatars and compatible attachments.

The theme is 'Love & Lust', and can be anything inspired by both or either idea individually. Cupids, love, lingerie, anger, possession, sex, passion, etc, are all inspired by love & lust, and these emotions can bring out the best, or worst, in anyone. What fuels your passion? What are your fetishes, your secret loves, or not so secret loves that you are willing to share with the world? Join the hunt to find out!

All items are accepted, anything from accessories to clothing, hair, make-up and skin mods. Anything goes so long as it is made for and/or fits the Kemono avatar.

▨▨ Quick info:
▨ Coordinated by NOP~ Events
▨ DATES: February 1st to 28th
▨ THEME: Love & Lust
▨ PRICE (for hunters): 2L
▨ RATINGS: G to adult
▨ Marketplace only stores welcome!

▨▨ The Rules:

▨ All items must be <UTILIZATOR> Kemono mesh avatar friendly.

▨ Any rating is welcome, but be tasteful and have fun! ❤
(We know everyone's idea of 'tasteful' is different, so just do what you want, but don't be an arse about it.)


▨ Items must reflect the style and quality of your store. Meaning we expect you to offer our hunters your best quality. Think of this as a dollarbie to entice them back to your stores.

▨ Items for all species, genders and mixes or lack there-of are welcome.

▨ Your items cannot be resells, Business in a Box, copies or copybotted items of other's creations. They must be YOUR OWN creation, and they must be a new item, or a new version/color/paattern/etc of an old item.

▨ Use of templates and creator kits is permitted, but the item cannot be right out of the box. It must be customized and a new creation. Mods are allowed (obviously) so long as the original maps are given with permission.If you make mesh clothes from builder kits, etc, then make sure to customize them and add a prim so you show as creator, or upload the DAE file. Putting another creators item as is in the hunt is NOT PERMITTED. You will be dropped from the hunt if you are found to be selling items you did not make or mod yourself, or do not have licensed permission to do so.

▨ Please stick to the theme. If you offer a tattoo of snowflakes, and the theme is bubblegum, this does not suit the theme and you will be asked to offer another =NEW= item or be removed from the hunt.

▨ ADS OF ITEMS ARE REQUIRED. This is not a free hunt, so you must make an ad to post on the blog for hunters. If you do not, you will not be included in the promotions and may lose your spot in the hunt. We will not make your ads for you, and pictures/ads of the items ARE REQUIRED.

▨ If your store moves, or you go offline for a long period of time, we will not chase you down. We do not have time to run around the grid finding your store because you forgot to update us. If your store disappears with no word from you, you will be dropped. It is your responsibility to keep us updated.

▨ Full permission items are allowed, so long as YOU are the original creator.

▨ If you sell art or photos, YOU must be the original artist, and able to prove you are the original artist. You may not under any circumstances sell someone else's art or photographs. If we find out you are doing this, you will be reported and the original artist will be contacted to take action as they see fit.

▨ All sponsor slots are first come first served. Sponsorship is non-refundable without extenuating circumstances. It is left to the discretion of the hunt coordinators.

▨ If you don't understand something, please feel free to ask!

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