TEDxPune 2017 Speaker Nomination Form
TEDxPune 2017 is set to take us on a journey to unravel our spirit to embrace change, the only constant. It presents unspoken stories, ideas and discoveries that will inspire us all to understand different perceptions and discover the bigger picture. Dig Deeper . Look Further . Aim Higher

This event is scheduled on Saturday 9th September 2017 and is a full day event. All speakers will be required to be present all day. We will also have several mandatory rehearsals on 7th and 8th September. Each speaker will be required to meet/discuss with their personal coach a minimum of 4 times over the 4 weeks prior to the event and must meet the criteria for outlines, drafts and delivery deadlines in order to be able to communicate their idea in the best way possible. Venue will be informed to shortlisted speakers.

Please use this Speaker Nomination Form to nominate someone, or yourself, for TEDxPune 2017. Thank You for applying.

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