Scholarship Prep LCAP Parent Survey
The Scholarship Prep Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is an important document that describes our annual goals, support, services, and budget to meet the needs of ALL students. Your suggestions are needed to help our school planning teams update and add to our LCAP. Please share your thoughts on the school’s efforts to promote academic achievement and well-being, and engage students and families in the school.
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The purpose of the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) is to prioritize funding based on the needs of students. This plan will be aligned with Scholarship Prep's charter and our overall vision for our Scholars. The LCAP will incorporate annual goals and specific actions that Scholarship Prep will take to achieve our vision and goals.
The eight state priority areas for which Scholarship Prep, along with its stakeholders' (staff, parents, students and community) input, must establish goals and actions include:
1. Student Achievement – Improving student achievement and outcomes using multiple measures, may include test scores and English proficiency levels.
2. Student Engagement – Supporting all students’ engagement in school including, but not limited to, attendance rates and absenteeism rates.
3. State Standards – Implementing California’s State Standards for all students, including English Language Arts, Math, History/Social Sciences and Science.
4. Other Student Outcomes – Measuring other important indicators of student performance in required areas including, but not limited to, physical education and the arts.
5. School Climate – Highlighting school climate through a variety of factors.
6. Parent Involvement – Seeking, providing, and promoting opportunities for active parent participation.
7. Basic Services – Providing all students access to fully credentialed teachers, instructional materials that align with state standards, and facilities that are safe and in good repair.
8. Access and Enrollment – Ensuring all students have access and enrollment in classes that prepare them for high school, college, and careers.
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