QUEEN OF THE UNDERWORLD - Brunch with Sophie RSVP 9/8 11am
About the Piece
QUEEN OF THE UNDERWORLD - [a toast to] Sophie Lyons, career criminal turned justice reform advocate, based on her 1913 autobiography "Why Crime Does Not Pay".

This piece is being developed by Katherine Perry and is intended for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2020.

September 8th will be an informal sharing of the first of many drafts for this project. Brunch eats and drinks to be provided. Location will be revealed upon completion of the form. If you have any questions contact us at whycrimedoesnotpay@gmail.com

This performance is free, and donations are happily accepted.

learn more about FREE FRINGE here: https://freefringephilly.com/

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Sunday, September 8th at 11:00am (estimating 45 minutes total)
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Performance will take place in a 2nd floor apartment. Seating will be chairs, couches, or hardwood flooring. A cat will be there, too. His name is Guffmore. He's a sweet old man.
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