Essential Magic: Version 6 (Haste) Pre-Launch Survey
# Our Vision

Our vision is simple we have a love, passion, and loyalty to Magic: The Gathering and believe that it and the community around it deserve an amazing place to not only search for cards, brew decks, and manage your collection but to also join as a community and support one another in both sportsman-like game-play and friendship.

# About the Head Planeswalker of Essential Magic

Jerry Harrison is the owner of Indie Ventures, LLC, a company specializing in building ideas and pushing the boundaries of technology and the parent of Essential Magic. He was also a member of Essential Magic since the early 2000's. Jerry has over 10 years of development experience and is skilled in numerous programing languages. He is an entrepreneur and self-starter who is excited by new challenges and technologies and is focused on building innovative, user-friendly products that matter. Dedicated to the Myrtle Beach startup community, Jerry is a member of Startup.SC's inaugural cohort incubator program. In his off-time he enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and two children.

# About the new version:

Version Haste revisits some of the basics for Essential Magic, bringing back the essence of community, the love of card play, and entertaining content; While also making the site quick and responsive.

We will focus on finding cards quickly, building decks, tracking your collection, interacting with local and global players, and discussions about game-play.

# A brief history of

Version 1 - 1999 - Created as a side project, accessed only by "The Creator"
Version 2 - 2000 -
Version 3 - 2003 -
Version 4 - 2004 -
Version 5 - 2007 -
Version 6 (Haste) - 2015 - Currently in Development

# Beta Testers

By filling out this survey you're letting us know you're interested in Beta testing the new version of eM upon beta preview release. Thank you for being a supporter!
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