RE:AGE - Report on European Academic Geriatric Education by EMSA
Dear EMSAi,
As young Europeans, we are concerned about the future of Europe as well as our medical education. We want to involve you, as the voice of your university, to know more about how geriatrics is taught at universities throughout Europe.
This is the Questionnaire of 12 short questions for Medical Faculties regarding the Academic Education in the field of GERIATRICS at European Universities. After the results are in, we want to create a report as well as write a scientific paper on the matter.
Please fill in the Questionnaire if you have sufficient knowledge on this subject. If not, please be so kind to contact any EMSA member/medical student of your Faculty, who does. You can refer to the Syllabi of your University. Thank you.
Jan Skrzypczak, Public Health Director
Ziga Barbaric, Medical Education Director
1. What country do you study in?
Your answer
2. What is the name of your University?
Your answer
3. On a scale from 1-10, how important do you find being educated about GERIATRICS for your future work as a doctor?
Not important at all
Most important
4. Does your academic curriculum include education in the field of GERIATRICS at any point?
5. In which year of the studies is it included?
7. Does it include theory or/and practice?
8. How many hours of theory?
Your answer
9. How many hours of practice?
Your answer
10. Is GERIATRICS taught in a specialized Geriatric Unit or in a General Internal Medicine Unit/ any other?
11. Does the GERIATRICS course end with any kind of an exam (theoretical / practical / oral exam / test / written task)?
Your answer
12. How many ECTS credit points are awarded for the GERIATRICS course at your University?
That's all! Thank you for your input! We will get in touch when all results are in.
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