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Welcome to the 2018 Chicago Non-Monogamy Conference!

The Chicago Non-Monogamy Conference is a one-day conference that provides a space for attendees to discuss topics pertinent to being non-monogamous, to expand their understandings of their own relationships, and to get to know each other as members of a diverse community seeking intersectional understanding and inclusion.

While we know that our attendees flock to classes on jealousy, communication, and balancing time, we are seeking presenters whose classes not only address general topics of polyamory concern, but classes which create an inclusive and diverse community. Our attendees also flock to discussions about gender identity, navigating varied health needs, and consent. Presenters who actively work to provide safe spaces and who give voice to marginalized peoples within the non-monogamy community are necessary to the success of the non-monogamy community, and to the success of the CNMC. As such, presenters should be ready to address issues of race, class, gender, ability, age, and varied health needs within their conference sessions. While all sessions on non-monogamy necessarily include these topics, priority will be given to presenters who do so directly in their session summaries.

Presenters interested in contributing to the growth of our community should apply below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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At this time, compensation is as follows: $40 stipend + admission + 50% discount for a +1. Because we agree that it is classist and discriminatory to expect presenters to pay for their own expenses while educating the community, we are currently looking for local presenters who incur no (or small) costs. We are working on generating income to pay presenters more adequately for their time, as well as being able to afford presenters from outside Chicago. Including your preferred fee above will allow us to raise appropriate funds moving forward. Thank you!
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