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Do you know someone who would bring valuable experience, perspective, and judgment to the St. Patrick School Board? The Board needs a broad representation of membership to enrich its discussions, inquiries, and decisions. Please help us identify talented, energetic individuals who are qualified to assume leadership roles on the School Board. All members will receive complete details on the process, procedures, qualifications and responsibilities.

Currently, the St. Patrick School Board is composed of five subcommittees, in addition to an Executive committee comprised of the School Board chair, vice chair, the Pastor, Deacon, and School Principal. The School Board is an advisory board that assists the Pastor and School Principals with the governance of the School.

The subcommittees of the School Board are:
•Development and Admissions: To assist the administration in the implementation of development advancement programs and efforts.
•Finance (Committee member will also be part of the Parish Finance Council): To assist the Administration to monitor the current year budget and to develop and propose to the Board a budget for the next fiscal year.
•Mission Effectiveness: To work with the administration to enhance the Catholic character and identity of the school.
•Public Relations and Marketing: To assist with the planning, creation, implementation and monitoring of a program and communication plan to market Portland St. Patrick School in the community and surrounding areas.
•Strategic Planning/Policy: To assist the administration in the formulation of a long-range strategic plan which coincides with the school's accreditation process and diocesan strategic planning documents along with assisting the administration in the formulation of policy to guide academic and faith community affairs.

As provided in diocesan guidelines, the responsibilities of the School Board does not include:
•Administration of school policy.
•Involvement in the day-to-day operations of the school (e.g. disciplinary incidents, administration of classroom pedagogy or procedures, administration of school procedures or events).
•Representing special interests of a special group (e.g. a child, school parents, teachers, parishioners, parent association, athletic association).
•Acting as a grievance committee or solving problems for individuals.
•Involvement in teacher evaluations or teacher issues.

Nominations for School Board positions are solicited from the parish at large. The Pastor, Deacon, School Principal and the Executive Committee appoint new members from the list of applicants. There is a mix of parents, parishioners, alumni and community members on the board. The board is not comprised of only parents and it is our goal to maintain the parent members to as close to 40% as possible of our current membership.

Employees of the school or parish, and their immediate family, other than those who serve in ex-officio positions, may not sit on the Board. The term immediate family shall be defined as spouse, child, parent, brother, sister, or in-laws.

To nominate yourself or another parishioner for the School Board, please fill out the form below or print the form and turn it into parish or school offices.

Thank you!

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