Homework: Remote Sensing for Freshwater Habitats
This homework includes questions from all sessions of this webinar. To receive a certificate of completion, you must have attended all three live sessions and complete this homework by October 15, 2019. Once you submit the homework, you will receive an email with a copy of your responses.

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1. Name three sub-indicators of ecosystem vitality in freshwater habitats. *
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2. Which global and regional datasets can be used for monitoring sediment regulation in freshwater systems? *
3. What are the advantages for the use of satellite observations in freshwater monitoring? *
4. Name two limitations of the use of satellite imagery for freshwater systems. *
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5. What has Landsat NOT been used for in the study of lakes? *
6. CDOM is the optically-active part of dissolved organic matter. *
7. Go to the Lake Erie HAB tracker website: https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/HABs_and_Hypoxia/habTracker.html. Which region of the lake tends to see the highest concentrations of Chlorophyll-a? *
8. Landscape genetics is the combination of: *
9. Name two uses of genetic markers in landscape genetics. *
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10. What is eDNA? *
11. What is a resistance map in landscape genetics studies? *
12. In the case study example of Brook Charr in Canada, researchers found that which variable best accounted for genetic diversity? *
13. What features are included in the Riverscape Analysis Project (RAP)? *
14. What are the three focus areas for the Freshwater Health Index? *
15. Name three variables collected via remote sensing that could be used in FHI calculations. *
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16. What are the four main features of the FHI tool? *
17. Within the Ecosystems Services component of the FHI, what are the two provisioning services discussed? *
18. Describe the features of this training you found most useful for your interests, research, or decision-making. *
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