Beyond Comicon Creator/Vendor Application Form
By filling out the below application, you will be placed on the waiting list.  Thank you for waiting to join us! :)

Event Date/Time: Saturday February 17th, 2024 10am-5pm
Event Address: Marjorie & William McDonald Center
17051 NE 19 Avenue, North Miami Beach, FL. 33162
Contact us at (305) 981-6513 or

Thank you for your interested in becoming a Creator/Vendor at Beyond Comicon 2024. The Creators and Vendors are of great importance in making our show an enjoyable experience to the attendees.

Filing out this application does not guarantee a creator space. After Creators/Vendors are approved, they will be emailed a Paypal invoice for payment. 

Space is limited. Multiple spaces may NOT be requested. There will be no sharing of tables. Each Creator/Vendor must purchase their own space. If anyone is sharing a space they will be removed.

Note, filling out the form below and to keep your Creator/Vendor Space at Beyond Comicon 2024, all payments must be made to secure your Creator/Vendor space.

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NO FOOD VENDING, unless approved by Beyond Comicon™.

All spaces at Beyond Comicon are subject to change.

Material containing profanity, nudity, or drug use will not be permitted.


All Creators/Vendors are responsible for the collection of their own sales tax.


BEYOND COMICON™ is scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 17, 2024 from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm at the Marjorie & William McDonald Center (17051 NE 19 Avenue, North Miami Beach, FL. 33162). This family-friendly event provides a cost-effective opportunity of promoting your work/business to residents of South Florida and networking with other creators/vendors. Each Creator/Vendor’s booth includes two vendor badges.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Vendors are selected based on the variety and appropriateness of the items/services to be provided. In order to participate in BEYOND COMICON™, applications must be completed, agreed to, and accompanied by: 1) appropriate vendor fee 2) a brochure or a link to a web site representing the items/work to be sold and pictures of your work or products a previous and comparable convention display which can be emailed to 3)and a short Biography to promote your products. The vendor fee, once acceptance by BEYOND COMICON™ has been given, the vendor fee is non-refundable. Detailed logistical information will be provided prior to the event.

SET UP,  BREAK DOWN, AND CLEAN UP: Set up begins at 8:00 am on Saturday, February 17, 2024 and must be completed by 9:30 am. Break down begins at 5:00 pm and ends at 6:30pm. Early set up and/or breakdown is not permitted. Vendors are responsible for all trash removal from their space(s). Trash must be disposed of in the trash cans/trash bags. Vehicles are permitted near booth space only to unload supplies and equipment. Thereafter, vehicles must be moved to the designated vendor parking area in the back of the Marjorie & William McDonald Center. Please be courteous to your fellow vendors when loading and unloading your vehicle(s).

DISPLAY AND PRESENTATION: Vendors will be provided the agreed number of table(s) and chairs(s) as per the Paypal invoice indicates. All other displays needed are held at the responsibility of the creator/vendor. Note, CREATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL RETAIL PRODUCTS. CREATORS ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO SELL PRODUCTS THEY MAKE. ONLY VENDORS CAN SELL RETAIL PRODUCTS. BEYOND COMICON/Management reserves the right to control the look and visual impact of the festival site. Vendors may not block or impede other vendors or emergency signage/exits. Creators/Vendors are responsible for creating a professional and visually attractive sales space. 

BEYOND COMICON/Management reserves the right to request improvements to displays if necessary, or to relocate booths. Vendors must provide their own table covering. All creator/vendor tables must be covered. Vendors must display professional signage identifying the business name; the signage must remain within the limits of the sales space. All vendor activities must be confined to their allotted space(s). CANCELLATION POLICY: BEYOND COMICON will be held rain or shine. There will be no refunds.
CREATOR/VENDOR ATTENDANCE: All Creators/vendors who have reserved space and are unable to attend the event must advise BEYOND COMICON by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 2, 2024.

The undersigned, in consideration of BEYOND COMICON is providing us with space for the display and sale of our various products, goods, and other valuable wares, do hereby release and forever discharge the BEYOND COMICON/MANAGE- MENT/AFFILIATES, and any of their members, employees, agents and volunteers (collectively “Releases”) from any and all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs or expenses, whatsoever, which I may have against Releases arising out of or in any way connected with my participation in this program, including but not limited to damages, injuries or death caused by the active or passive negligence of Releases otherwise. Creators and Vendors can obtain their own insurance.
I hereby permit the BEYOND COMICON/MANAGEMENT to use or distribute any or all still and/or moving images in which I or my child appear for any use including, but not limited to: video, Web, print and multimedia applications; training or other instructional materials; advertising, commercials or other promotional materials; and other forms of media, without compensation. Any image (s) created shall be the property of the BEYOND COMICON/MANAGEMENT.
Further, I hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless BEYOND COMICON / MANAGEMENT / AFFILIATES and any official or volunteer of BEYOND COMICON against all claims resulting from participation in this program. I have read all details of the BEYOND COMICON Regulations indicating that I agree to abide by the Rules & Regulations. Further- more, I understand that any violation of these rules or hazards to the public will cause immediate revocation of my ability to be a vendor at BEYOND COMICON. I agree to sell only those products approved by BEYOND COMICON. Type yes, if you agree to all of the above.

I understand, have read all of the details, and I am agreeing to all of the terms in this document. *
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