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Do you start the day with a cup of Java? Think of list comprehensions when you hear "python"? Got an opinion of PHP? Drool over server specs? Believe in relentlessly AUTOMATING ALL THE THINGS?

Poniverse is looking for technical talent to build the future of online pony communities. Let's make something awesome together!
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Role descriptions
Web development = Includes both back-end and front-end dev - tick it if you're interested in either! This can include work on any of our websites, including Pony.fm, MLP Forums, Poniverse.net, and others. API design and implementation fall into this role as well - we have a few cool things in the works here!

Sysadmin / DevOps = With 20+ virtual servers across four dedicated nodes, there's lots for sysadmins to look after. Expect to allocate hardware resources, use Ansible to configure many servers at once (we'll show you how!), minimize causes of downtime, and work with developers to design the infrastructure our services need, including continuous deployment pipelines.

Minecraft modding = PoniArcade Minecraft is a network of Spigot servers behind BungeeCord. Our signature custom plugins allow you to play as your favourite pony race, maintain permissions across many servers, and other cool features. You'll work on both these plugins and new ones that will be deployed to hundreds of players.

Internal tools = With over 80 staff members, Poniverse has a ton of internal communication. Developers in this role will configure and integrate internal systems (email, file sharing, chat, etc.) that make our teams more effective, with a focus on unified logins and account management. Bonus points if you're already familiar with LDAP or OAuth!

Mobile apps = Nearly 40% of our traffic is from mobile users. As much as we like web apps, native apps can take the user experience to a whole 'nother level. We'd love to roll out native apps for Pony.fm, MLP Forums, and continue work on Ponyville Live!'s existing apps, but we'll need the help of a mobile developer or five to do it!

Other = Maybe the above roles don't fit your technical skill set? Or you have another way to contribute in mind? Let us know - good ideas and the initiative to follow through on them are always welcome at Poniverse!
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