Rosalinda De La Luna Scholarship Application
The Imperial Sovereign Court of the State of Montana (ISCSM) works to educate and advocate for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, intersex, queer, and allied community while promoting tolerance through the production of drag performances. The ISCSM works to eliminate the historical oppression of marginalized individuals by creating a safe and welcoming environment through the production of events that explore multiple gender expressions in a fun and educational atmosphere.

The ISCSM is pleased to offer scholarships to enrich the lives of our community. These scholarships are to honor and promote academic excellence among Montana students. Each scholarship we offer is a minimum of $500 and we will select at least recipients each academic year. Traditionally, our winners are honored guests at our annual Coronation.

To be eligible, students must have residency within the state of Montana and may be asked to provide proof of residency by the scholarship committee. Students also must be admitted to attend full-time in a post-secondary institution of higher education, seeking a Certificate, Associate's, Bachelor’s, Masters or Doctoral Program degree in the state of Montana.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. And no extensions will be granted for any circumstance.

Completed applications must be submitted by September 4th, 2020 to be accepted.
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If the name you listed above is different than the name you have on file within your educational institution, please list the name the educational institution has on file so we can ensure payment is received.
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Please also include the mailing address to the financial aid department and any necessary information we would send a check if you are awarded a scholarship. For example, if you are part of the Montana University System, please include your student ID number.
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Essay questions
You will be asked to answer three questions below. Please be thoughtful and clear with your answers. Answer each question in the space provided below and will be limited to 2000 characters per answer.

Please note that poor grammar and typos will not disqualify you from receiving a scholarship, but we do examine each applicant for attention to detail. And poor grammar or large typos can make it difficult for the review committee to understand your essay answers. If writing is a challenge you experience, consider the following options: 1) typing your essays into a word processing software (e.g., Google docs or Microsoft Word) and using the spelling and grammar checker, 2) sending your essays to a friend or mentor for review or 3) downloading a grammar app such as Grammarly.
What is your current involvement with the LGBT2QIA community in Montana? This can be personal experiences or overview broader equity work such as volunteerism with groups, community organizing, participating in fundraising, and much more. *
Thinking towards your future, how will you personally benefit from your current educational goals, and how do you plan to contribute to the community as a result of your achievement? *
Please list any other current or past scholarships, special achievements, or recognition received through community or school-related accomplishments. Or please share any additional information you would like the scholarship committee to take into consideration. *
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