Soft Skills Self-Assessment
First and Last Name
Your answer
I feel comfortable calling business professionals and people I don’t know personally on the telephone
Not at all
When sending an email I use appropriate greetings, structured sentences, and check my grammar.
Never, frequent unprofessional elements
Always completely professional
I am open to compromising my own viewpoints in order to obtain group consensus.
Not at all
I am willing to take the time to re-evaluate and implement a new solution in order to fix a problem
I exceed what is expected of me to make sure that my customers are satisfied
Never meet expectations
Always meet expectations
I identify potential issues ahead of time and develop solutions to prevent them from occurring
Never, I'm more reactive
Always, I'm proactive
I introduce new ideas and concepts to the environment in which I work.
Very Frequently
I have a good time management skills and show up on time.
Not at all
I am able to dress appropriately for various types of situations.
Nope. Not my style.
I support and praise other team members that I am working with.
No, I just worry about myself
Always, I'm openly supportive
I feel the need to always be in charge when working with other group members.
Never, I'd rather someone else be
Always in charge
I feel my ideas and suggestions are better than those of my group members.
Nope, I rarely have good ideas
Yes, my ideas are always good
I use my time efficiently and complete all of my assigned tasks in a timely manner
When given an assignment, I wait until the last minute to complete the tasks.
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