Semux Campaign - Bitcointalk Signature 2017
1. The total amount is 300,000 SEM for three months, from Dec 4, 2017 to Feb 25, 2018;
2. Only BitcoinTalk users with Member or above rank are allowed to participate in this event;
3. You need to sign up once at;
4. The rewards will be proportionally distributed to participants based on the following point system:
Member: 1
Full Member: 2
Sr. Member: 4
Hero Member: 8
Legendary: 16
5. Multi-accounts/spam are not allowed. @Cloudpost will be the dedicated campaign manager. Everyone is encouraged to report any abuse;
6. You need to make at least 1 post per week (deleted posts won't count). It can be anywhere in the forum;
7. You can NOT take off the signature after you signing up;
8. We reserve the right the cancel this event or revise the rules at any time.
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