Copy of #saysomething
Hello Mustang Students,

We appreciate your honesty and bravery when coming forward about an incident that has occurred involving you, your peers, or your school. We ask that you use this form to report a situation that you feel may put yourself or others in harms way. Please take the time to answer each question carefully and in as much detail as possible.

We promise that your responses will be kept anonymous.

We thank you for making the promise to "Say Something".
In the space below, please describe in detail the incident that happened. The more information you can provide, the better. If there were specific people involved, please take the time to list their names as well. *
When did the incident occur? If you can, please include the day and month of the incident as well as time of the incident. *
Where did the incident occur? Please include as much detail as possible. *
Was there a specific person(s) who was targeted in the incident? If so, what is/are their names? Please include first and last names. *
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