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Is any of your medical condition we need to be aware of (You don't have to tell us- All answers are confidential. We will NEVER, EVER release any of this information to any other organization- We also appreciate you not asking this information about others)
FINANCE: There is no fee for the seniors, and we are here to serve you. But we want you to be aware we watch every dollar we spend because we run on a very few donors support. These donors call us give us their money. We try to stretch the dollar 4 times by being prudent. That is our value system. We DO NOT keep asking money from any one. Support is voluntary. Who ever is able to give money you can write a check to YGIC. Please do not expect anything in return. If you want to be one of the major donors, reach out to us. We will find naming rights for your family, Plenty of options available. Also we do not take if we don't need it. We do not believe in building a bank balance. We want to have just enough. In the history of YGIC, when we asked, people have poured money for purposes. *
 Follow the instructions of the person with a red badge in charge of security or your program lead. They are here for your protection. Ultimately they are responsible for the building safety and security. *
 Please understand this is a common set of rules for children, parent, volunteer and donor. This is not aimed at anyone especially seniors. We want to serve you. Forgive us if this is rude. But we need to run a place and we need all the laws in the books. A family may be removed upon one violation of a “Cardinal Rule” in the Code of Conduct, or upon three other violations of the Code of Conduct, or upon three repetitions of a single act that violates the Code of Conduct. I understand Attending YGIC is a privilege and not a right. Read the document for code of conduct and due process at: *
Any concern, complaint, problem, or issue that any member of the YGIC community wishes to address should be presented through the five-step escalation process. YGIC has no place for EGO. Compassion reigns supreme in this place. We are trying to serve you. We dread you as seniors are not going to like something and complain to others. Please let us know if you don't like something, we will address it. We work hard to build a system for all. We sincerely ask you to help us and not be offended by anything. We love you all. We want to serve you like our parents. Be forgiving! *
I here by release YGIC and its volunteers of all liabilities unconditionally. This is what all parents signed for years. Temple or any non profit this is what you sign. These are set in the constitution. Even at for profit -doctor surgery, Gym membership, school sports is the same. The federal / state/ local laws of course takes precedence. Our Fiduciary duty is to the children and seniors, but our foremost responsibility is to protect the volunteers who work for FREE from the 1% who will want to take advantage of the system. This rule is for EVERYONE, including donors, volunteers and visitors. It is on the books for 15 years since the first constitution was ratified. If you are concerned, about this clause, we are not the right fit for you. Wish you well. Forgive us if this is rude. We just have to have the rules in place. *
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