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Are you planning a virtual side event in lead up to the PMNCH Partners' Forum in Delhi, 12-13 December 2018? We would like to include your Virtual Side Event on the Virtual Partners' Forum Events Calendar.

Please fill in your virtual side event details below.

Here are 5 suggestions on what you could do as a virtual side event from your community space. Have a different idea? Great! Tell us about it.

1. Focus Group Discussion. Get together your community to have a focused group discussion on any aspect of Maternal and Child Health. You can videotape the discussion or document its key takeaways in a social media friendly format and share it with us. This could be twitter cards, photographs with quotes or posters.

2. Twitter Relay. Get together your partners and create a calendar to have a social media relay on aspects of Maternal, Adolescent and Child Health. Each partner chooses a slot to post about a particular aspect at a certain scheduled hour. At the scheduled hour, the said partner anchors the conversation and the end of the hour, the partner hands over the hashtag and topic to the next in this virtual conversation. Choose your social media relay hashtag well in advance and do publicize the schedule, relevant twitter handles and the hashtags so others can join in on the conversation.

3. Digital Posters. You can either do a series of posters or a single digital poster that captures artwork, thoughts or slogans from your community around Maternal, Adolescent and Child Health and the power of Partnership. If the poster is handmade, you could share with us photographs and videos of the final product as well as its making or either along with a 100-150 word blurb on what it stands for.

4. Facebook Live Panels. Another event that need not stick to a geographical boundary, you can bring together your partners and/or community members including experts and other organisations to create a Facebook Live panel event to discuss any aspect of Maternal and Child Health and the power of Partnership.

5. Hashtag Takeover. Choose a hashtag and make it trend in this interesting side event idea through gathering your partners, friends and family on Twitter and actively participating in conversation with multiple people on Twitter on aspects of Maternal, Adolescent and Child Health and the power of Partnership. Democratize the conversation and spread it wide to influence and build opinion and action for every woman and every child.
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