Open Program Enrollment Form: Summer 2020
What is Girls’ LEAP?

Girls’ LEAP is a self-defense and safety program that helps girls learn how to respond to a variety of unsafe situations – from peer pressure, arguments and saying no to friends, to how to escape from a situation where someone wants to hurt you.

Who teaches Girls’ LEAP?

Every class is led by a Girls’ LEAP-certified adult female teacher. Young women from nearby colleges and high schools are assistant teachers. Every staff member trains with Girls’ LEAP for at least thirty hours before teaching.

Is it safe for my daughter to learn self-defense?

Girls’ LEAP takes your daughter’s safety very seriously. Before learning skills that could hurt an attacker, all participants must agree to the “Girls’ LEAP’s Promise”: she will only use her self-defense skills in serious situations, and if she does have to use them, she will talk about it with an adult she trusts.


At the beginning and end of the program, Girls’ LEAP gives each girl a survey with questions about her experience in the Girls’ LEAP program. The results are used to make Girls’ LEAP a better program. All information will be kept confidential and her full name will not be used in any publications of LEAP Self-Defense, Inc.
Thank you for registering your child for LEAP Self-Defense! The following forms should be filled out by the legal guardian. The information helps LEAP Self-Defense as we plan for your child’s program. The information is for internal use only. Your information will not be shared with a third party. Questions about ethnicity and home language are used for reporting numbers of children served and will not be shared with a third party.
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