Modern Language Consent Form
Presentation College acknowledges your wish for your son/daughter to no longer study a Modern Language as one of their Leaving Certificate subjects.

Please note that it is recommended by Presentation College Athenry that all Leaving Certificate students study a third language (i.e. French or German) for their Leaving Certificate so they are not limited in their CAO choices.

Students with specific learning difficulties affecting language acquisition (dyslexia) may apply for exemption from the third language requirement.

It is recommended that parents/guardians view a list of all CAO courses which require a third language prior to completing this form. You can view all courses by clicking on the link below.

If you have any queries regarding the above please feel free to contact the Career Guidance Department by sending an email to
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I have read the above Guidance Information and I am agreeable to my son/daughter not studying a third language for their leaving Certificate. *
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