Tutor Sign-Up for Dutchess/Orange Tutoring (DOT) for K-12 in Response to COVID-19
Hello! Thank you so much for signing up to be a volunteer tutor.

We know this is a stressful and confusing time for everyone, so we especially thank you for so generously volunteering a little bit of your time.
We hope that in these tumultuous times, we can come together and do even a little bit of good where we can for our communities. <3

*Please note that you may not immediately receive an email pairing with you a student, as our administrative team is working behind the scenes to match students with tutors. Please know that we have received your response and will email you when we receive a tutoring request that is a good fit for the subjects you have selected! Our administrative team will also reach out to you shortly after you sign up to schedule a quick 5 minute chat about further steps.
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Email *
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Year in school *
High School District You Attended/Attend *
Please check the subjects you are comfortable tutoring with. *
Expected Availability Per Week (in hours) *
We only expect an estimate, and we know this can change from week to week! We have this question to a) gauge the total commitment we have from tutors and b) to emphasize that volunteering as a tutor can truly be as big or small of a commitment that fits your schedule!
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