Hal Elrod & Jon Berghoff's Quantum Leap Mastermind [3 Minute] Application for Enrollment (no payment required)
The Quantum Leap Mastermind (QLM) is the place for high achievers to grow, connect, and create a bigger future—together. Research has proven that a leading factor in a person’s success is the people you spend your time with.

As a member of QLM, you’ll spend 2018 with an exclusive group of entrepreneurs who are committed to your Quantum Leap. QLM is an expertly designed mastermind, built to accelerate your professional success and create a quantum leap in your business (and life).

2018 THEME: Accelerating Your Entrepreneurial Evolution.

Investment Options:
One spot for 12 equal monthly installments of $949
One spot for one paid‐in‐full payment of $9,497 (Save $1,891)
Two spots (you plus a partner) with 12 equal monthly installments of $1,274 (Save $7,488)
Two spots (you plus a partner) with one paid‐in‐full payment of $12,747 (Save $10,029)

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