Blue Island Public Library Community Survey
Help us serve you better! Share your thoughts about library services and be entered to win a $50 Visa gift card!
How often do you visit Blue Island Public Library?
Which factors reflect why you do not visit the library more often, if any? (check all that apply)
Any other factors not listed above that reflect why you may not visit, or additional information you want to add to your answer?
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What do you think should be the primary function of the library in Blue Island?
Is there anything else that you would consider the primary function of the library?
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In the future, I believe the library should play a vital role in the following areas of community life (check all that apply.)
Throughout the country, the role of public libraries is changing from the traditional (provider of books and resources) to more modern (community hub of information) Which statement about the library most aligns with what you would like the Blue Island Public Library to be?
Fill in the blank: I wish the library would ______________
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How would you prefer to receive information about the library? (check all that apply)
Do you have an active Blue Island Public Library Card?
Please select your age range
Are you a resident of Blue Island?
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