The Just Transformation Vision for healthy society
We, the undersigned, endorse the principles and values for a just transformation and commit to upholding these in our advocacy work with decision makers and stakeholder partners. We call for active recognition of the need to adopt a holistic approach which does not set social and environmental goals against one another and which emphasises the importance of measuring wellbeing. We seek ways that will unlock synergies and underline interdependencies, in particular in the implementation of the EU Green Deal, in delivering the Paris Agreement objectives as well as the European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan defined in March 2021. Wherever possible and in the competence and capacity of the signatory organisations, we will seek to collaborate to support implementation of just transformation principles, including through their promotion, detailed elaboration and active practice.

Read CAN Europe's Just Transformation Vision Document here:

The below key principles underpin the vision for a societal just transformation, towards an inclusive, sustainable and resilient society.

1- Define a long-term vision for socio-economic and environmental resilience, with binding interim milestones and targets.
2- Implement transformative actions through detailed and comprehensive roadmaps developed inclusively with and for all stakeholders.
3- Recognize social partners as key actors for social dialogue and collective bargaining in industries, enterprises and sectors.
4- Build resilience through sustainable economic diversification, aligning social goals with climate objectives and environmental protection.
5- Integrate the gender perspective into all the policies, plans and projects for the just transition.
6- Tackle inequalities in quality of life, environment and access to opportunities, and injustices caused by climate change and its drivers.
7- Leverage and reallocate fairly financial resources from public and private sectors to foster social and environmental resilience.
8- Plan locally to transform globally while rebuilding the society.
9- Embed sustainable development goals and circularity in production and consumption.
10- Tailor and provide direct support for just transitions in developing countries.
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