BlueStamp Engineering 2019 Student Application
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Create a document with your answers to the following questions. (The more details the better!)
1) Describe your interest in becoming a BlueStamp student.
2) If you had to choose a college major or career today, which would it be and why?
3) Describe any previous experience with building projects or other engineering related activities.
4) Describe what you hope to achieve as a result of being part of the BlueStamp program.
5) Describe an event or task which took perseverance and the ability to overcome obstacles in which you were successful.
6) Please tell us about an instance when you had to solve a significant problem on your own.
7) When looking at past BlueStamp projects (, which type of project(s) or specific projects would you be most interested in building this summer?
8) List any relevant science courses you have taken (completing a certain number of these courses is not an admission requirement).
9) List your GPA and any applicable test scores (ex. SAT, PSAT, ACT, etc.).
10) List other extracurricular activities you are involved in (ex. sports, music, after-school clubs). If available, please include any internet links where we can see you in action.
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List two references (teachers, guidance counselors, or other supervisors of extracurricular programs or jobs)
We'll be getting in touch with them for a brief phone call. You do not need to have them write a letter.
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If you feel you may qualify for need-based financial aid, please indicate below and submit a completed aid application along with this admissions application. Financial aid applications can be found at the following link.
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