Spanish Benchmarks

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    Greetings-Hello Goodbyes, yes and no
    ¿Cómo eres? ¿Cómo estás? How are you, age, origins
    ¿Qué te gusta? Likes, dislikes, things and activities
    Telling what others like or don´t like to do
    classes and school
    speak about times of the day
    express opinions following a specific format
    how much things cost
    numbers to 100
    what they need and don´t need for classes
    How Much you like or dislike something
    Suggestions and excuses
    accepting-turning down an invitation
    household chores
    Accurately use present and preterit
    Planning a party and having fun
    making travel plans and vacation
    talk about leisure activites
    present tense
    irregular present and stem changing verbs
    preterite tense and uses
    irregular preterit tense verbs
    imperfect tense and irregular
    future tense
    irregular future and conditional
    places around the city
    ordering food
    preparing food
    reviewing movies, art, literature
    using academic vocabulary to review or persuade
    talk about self, and family history
    use different tenses to communicate
    the environment and social consciousness
    when to use subjunctive, irregular subjunctive and indicative 
    talk about drama, movies, performances and theater,
    elaborating, complaining, excuses
    current events
    personal events and interests
    support opinions, hypothesize about abstract topics and explain in detail
    nature and animals
    family relationships and social issues
    professional correspondence and job applications and business interview skills
    numbers to 1000
    numbers to 1000000
    Describe and discuss historical events
    talk about different cultural beliefs and customs
    talk about college and finances
    talk about social issues
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