Ezeria Staff Application
Welcome to the staff application! Answer all the questions and you might be able to join the team! Good luck!
Minecraft In-Game Name:
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What Rank Are You Applying For?
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How good do you rate your English speaking skills?
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Why do you want to become staff? (The more info, the better.)
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Why should we pick you over other applicants? (The more information, the better)
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Do you have any plugin experience? Name as many as possible here.
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Do you have previous experience as staff/builder? Name all the servers you are/were staff on here.
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Staff members (including builders) must follow specified staff rules! You can see those staff rules on the website. Are you willing to follow them?
What would you do if you did not get accepted? (short answer)
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Final question: What do you love most? (This is an essential personality-based question. Please answer honestly.)
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Thank you for applying!
If you are accepted into the team, you will recieve a skype friend request from the owner (KjipGamer) If you don't have a friend request on skype in 7 days, sorry, but you are not accepted.
NOTE: Builders will get a skype request if they are accepted too, but they need to send 1 picture (or more) of a build they made and have to build one on the server too!!
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