BELLRINGER: FRESHMAN TECHNOLOGY- Research Paper Requirements Review.
Click through the following link to the assignment sheet for your upcoming research paper:

Review the paper requirements, then answer the questions below:

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What is the subject of your research paper? *
How many sources do you need to include in your paper, minimum? *
What is the ONLY font that you should be using for any of the text in your paper? *
How big should the font size be for the TITLE of your paper on the cover page? *
How big should the font size be for ALL of the text of the remainder of the paper after the title, including the sources page? *
How should your lines in your paper be formatted? *
How should your paragraphs be formatted? *
What is the name of the website that you will use to check your paper for originality before you submit it? *
What citation formatting will you use for your sources page? *
What is the name of the website with online tools that Mr. B. recommends that you use to create your citations for your sources page? *
How do you turn in your paper? *
What should you do with your research information on your RESEARCH.DOC file when you are done writing your paper? *
What day and time is your paper due? *
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What will happen if your paper is not properly formatted and submitted on the due date? *
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