"Greenways HERITAGE - Declaration for the promotion of UNESCO sites and greenways as common destinations in Europe.  Guimarães Declaration  
Subscribe the Guimarães Declaration for the promotion of UNESCO sites and Greenways as common destinations in Europe!  
Download the full text of the Declaration here:  
- [EN] http://www.aevv-egwa.org/download/greenways_heritage/EGWA-Declaration-GW-UNESCO-Guimaraes-291118-Eng.pdf 
- [ES] http://www.aevv-egwa.org/download/greenways_heritage/EGWA-Declaration-GW-UNESCO-Guimaraes-291118-ES.pdf
Further info: www.greenwaysheritage.org
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This declaration has been launched at the conference “Greenways HERITAGE: UNESCO sites and greenways, a common destination” at Guimarães (Portugal) on November 29, 2018;  in the In European Cultural Heritage Year.

It has been signed by those participating in the conference, and other entities linked to the project Greenways Heritage have also adhered; we are continuing with the dissemination process and are seeking the support of parties interested in backing this Declaration.

The list of signatories organizations of the Declaration will be published on the EGWA web site www.aevv-egwa.org 

The GREENWAYS HERITAGE project forms part of the European Union’s COSME programme, and will be implemented between May 2018 and October 2019. Information about the project is available at www.greenwaysheritage.org   

The EGWA team might contact you to confirm your signature..

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