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Seeing Change will explore community perceptions and first-hand experience of climate impacts in the Limestone Coast using an innovative method called PhotoVoice.

Your photographic story of how a changing climate has affected you and your family and/or business will highlight impacts of climate change in the region, and community strength in climate adaptation and mitigation.

Search for old photos in your house or go out and take a good shot!
We don't need beautiful photos, just real-life experiences !

Contact your local council or Climate Adaptation Project Officer at for more information
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1. What changes in climate have you observed over time? (e.g. drought, flood, heatwave, fire, frost, storm surge, beach loss, biodiversity loss, rainfall, water etc) *
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2. How has it affected you and your family and/or business? (e.g. impacts on productivity, land-use or lifestyle) *
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3. How did you deal with it?
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4. What are your lessons learned?
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