KIS Saturday School Application Form. サタデースクール入学申込フォーム
Completion of this application does not guarantee admission to our Saturday School. A member from Kyoto International School will contact you to confirm your child's admission.

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Do you authorize KIS to display your child's images for our website or other media? ・ お子様の写真や映像を当校HPやその他のメディアに使用することを許可します。 *
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If your child has any allergies, please indicate below. ・ アレルギーがある場合は、ご記入下さい。
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Child's School
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Child's English Level
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Can you please provide as with as much information of your child's experience with English until now? Such as attending another school, going abroad, being a member in a local English group, etc. 今日までのお子様の英語の経験を教えて下さい。例:語学学校に通っている、海外に住んだことがある、英語を学ぶのは初めて、etc...
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Please describe your child's character and personality.
お子様の性格を簡単に教えて下さい。 *
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Preferred Term(s)
No refunds or make-up lessons are provided in case of absence. If you would like to start in the middle of the term, please write the start date below. If you start at any point during the term you will be charged only from your start date.
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