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About Postdoc Pods: Postdoc Pods create small groups (4-5) of Postdocs that have self identified common interests and/or goals. These interests and/or goals range from fun leisure activities to career enhancement. The groups are peer-mentoring networks. Pods will be a mix of new postdocs and postdocs that have been at Caltech/JPL for a while. The Pods are peer run pods in which you will be given the contacts of others in that group and invited to meet and make plans as a group. Pods are created or assigned on a monthly basis. The Pods will organize their own meetings and goals. Sometimes previously set Pods will gain a new member.

Some of the Pods that are listed as facilitated by the Caltech Center for Diversity (CCD facilitated). These Pods will have meetings that are facilitated through CCD.

Questions? Contact: Tara @

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