'Talking Trash: A path to Zero Waste' | Arianna Richardson
Time: Friday, August 20th, 3-5pm
Location: Anna Templeton Centre, 278 Duckworth Street

Facebook Event: coming soon

In Talking Trash: A path to Zero Waste, participants will create a “zero waste” object: a versatile and easy to construct a sandwich/snack wrap to put to use in their daily life. During this workshop, the artist will also be accepting donations of plastic waste to put to use in their art crawl performance piece: The Consumption Therapy Chamber™. We will sort and wash this plastic waste together, creating a space in which conversations, opinions, and anecdotes about packaging and consumer waste can be shared. In addition to their handmade “zero waste” object, participants will come away with a broader understanding of the impacts of plastic and packaging as well as a few strategies to mitigate their own complicity in our rampantly single-use world.
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