"Caring for You, Caring for Patients." Henry Schein HK Survey
漢瑞祥有限公司是市場上提供牙科和醫療保健產品及服務的領導者。為配合 "Care for You, Care for Patients." 的活動, 我們現正進行有關 "如何使用電子媒體" 的問卷調查以提供更完善的客戶服務。
為表示我們的誠意,HSHK將送出價值港幣50元的HSHK現金券,並以WhatsApp 形式發送。優惠期至10月31日。請根據現金券上或網站上的條款及細則使用。
更改漢瑞祥持有有關閣下之資料. 除非閣下事先同意或法律要求,我們並不會向任何第三方轉移或披露閣下資料。

Henry Schein HK is a leader in healthcare products and services for dental and medical professionals. As part of our "Caring for You, Caring for Patients." campaign 2019, we are conducting a survey to understand how we can better serve our customers via social media platforms. As our appreciation for your time, we are offering HK$50 Henry Schein HK cash coupons from now until Oct 31st for use with purchases at Henry Schein HK. COUPONS WILL BE SENT VIA WHATSAPP. To register, please fill in below form. Please refer to the coupon or Henry Schein HK website for terms and conditions.

*We may use your Personal Data for marketing and promoting services. You are entitled to access or correct your Personal Data held by us. Except with your prior consent or as required by law, we will not transfer or disclose Your Information to any third party
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