2019 - 2020 Student Application
District and State competitions (Friday evening - Sunday), is typically two to three district events in March and one – two events early April.
FIRST World Championship, Houston, Texas (Wednesday – Saturday), is held in April. We will compete if we qualify and have the funds.


Team membership is contingent upon review by the team’s selection committee. Membership does not require a technical background. There are many departments on the team including marketing, fundraising, mechanical construction, electrical wiring, web design, safety and software development. Your interests in our departmental areas of need are pluses in the selection process (see application). Team 4290 members have decided on a maximum membership of 25 students, therefore the selection committee will first choose individuals with interest in the needed departments.

A “Participation Fee” of $225 is required. $115 dollars is due upon acceptance to the team
Fee due by: August 15, 2019 for returning members, remaining balance of $110 due October 1, 2019.
See Fee Schedule for additional Details.

To be a member of the robotics team, you must commit to the following:
● To attend every meeting (except for excused absences)
● Abide by 15 hours minimum per week requirement (for build season)
● To arrive on time and participate to the end of every meeting
● To willingly pursue and work diligently on your assigned task(s)
● To show respect for your mentors and teammates

Our team meets at the FIRST Zone located at 900 Pressley Road, Charlotte, NC 28217. Our team welcomes students from all area high schools, charter schools, private schools and homeschool students.

The Team Handbook is intended to provide you and your family with information about the program and your responsibilities as a team member. Please read it carefully and share the information with your parents/guardians.

We hope you will join BOW Community Robotics FRC Team #4290, for a valuable and rewarding experience.
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