Coyote Outdoor School Interest Form 2020-2021
This form is meant to capture interest in Coyote Outdoor School program options and school preferences for program length, site, and dates. Completing this form is NOT a legally binding agreement that you are choosing Coyote Outdoor School as your provider nor is it a confirmation of your dates and program length. Please consult with your school's Outdoor School team before completing this form if you make Outdoor School decisions together. Your school district may have a separate interest or sign-up process to confirm Outdoor School length, dates, and providers.

Learn more about Coyote Outdoor School services and options on our website:
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If your district signs up together or if you are the liaison for multiple schools, please list all schools here.
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Only include students who attend your school or district if your district typically signs up together. If you are sending multiple grades due to COVID-19 cancelations, please include that information.
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Is your school or school district using state funds to reimburse your Outdoor School costs? *
These funds are distributed and managed by OSU Extension Outdoor School and granted by the Oregon legislature every two years.
Are you interested in working with Coyote Outdoor School as your Spring 2021 Outdoor School program provider? *
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