Improving/Improvising: A workshop for KU faculty on communicating research to the public
The Workshop
The Life Span Institute is committed to promoting excellent communication of research to the public and is offering a workshop for faculty on February 20 and 21. This workshop is designed to help researchers to communicate their research in a spontaneous and engaging way.

Borrowing techniques from applied improvisational theater and communication studies, participants will engage in hands-on interactive activities designed to help them find common ground with an audience, speak at different levels of complexity for different audiences, and answer questions about their work. In the first session, participants will practice connecting with an audience, paying dynamic attention to others, reading nonverbal cues, and responding to questions appropriately. The second session expands on the first, with a focus on defining communication goals, identifying main points, explaining meaning and context, responding to questions, and using storytelling techniques to enliven messages.

This is a two-day workshop: the first day, Feb. 20, will be from 1-5 pm and the second day will have several 1 hour and 45 minute slots (limited to 16 participants each) to choose from for the intensive, small-group work. All sessions are at the Commons in Spooner Hall.
The Facilitators
The workshop will be led by Krista Hoffman-Longtin, PhD., assistant professor of communication studies and assistant dean of faculty affairs and professional development, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), and Jason Organ, PhD., assistant professor of anatomy, cell biology & physiology, also at IUPUI.
This workshop is limited to 64 full-time KU faculty and post-docs; graduate students are being accepted beginning Feb. 10.

To participate, please provide your name, university affiliation, and a short paragraph (50-150 words) explaining why you wish to participate. The conditions for participation are that you be willing to attend for the first full session (Feb. 20) and the intensive small group session (Feb. 21), and that you develop in the following year a talk, op ed, or another project or activity that aims to communicate your research to a public audience; you will be expected to submit a brief report on that project or activity after completion.
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