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How many books do you read each month?
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We’ll soon be starting a book club on True Crime. Do you have a suggestion in that genre you’d like to read alongside our writers and critics?
We're thinking of publishing more writing in translation of exceptional journalism and narrative dispatches written in other languages. What kinds of stories in translation would you be interested in reading?
How interested are you in memoiristic writing as part of the Ideas section's coverage?
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What kinds of movies are you interested in? (Check all that apply)
Where and how do you watch movies and TV? (Check all that apply)
Are there shows you view regularly? If so, what do you watch most?
Would you like to read more pieces in Pacific Standard related to...?
What communities and community issues do you find are not covered well by other national magazines?
What writers and communities would you like to hear from in Pacific Standard’s Ideas Section?
Who do you think might be good media/content partners for us?
How many stories would you say you read a week from Pacific Standard?
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Is there anything else you'd like to tell our editors?
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