The Alexander Arguelles Academy of Languages & Literatures
Thank you for your interest in participating in our discussion circles and seminars.  

We have chosen texts for July through September, as per the schedule in this application. Classes are designed in three-month blocks, but you may still join after they have begun.

For most offerings, this application form asks you to do some reading of the kind of text we will read together and then to answer a few questions about your experience doing so.  Pending sufficient enrollment, these answers will help me try to place people in groups according to level.

For a detailed description of the offerings, please see:
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July-September Class Schedule [All timings in Chicago time]
Class Texts
Comparative-Historical English + Gothic: The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels in parallel columns, with the versions of Wycliffe and Tyndale
French [Thursday 10-11 AM]: Émile Zola – La Fortune des Rougon
French [Thursday 12-1 PM]: Corneille, Racine & Molière – Pièces
German [Tuesday 2-3 PM]: Wolfgang Borchert – Draußen vor der Tür
German [Wednesday 12-1 PM]: Nietzsche - Also Sprach Zarathustra; Schiller - Dramen; Goethe - Dramen
German [Saturday 12-1 PM]: Walter Moers - Rumo & Die Wunder im Dunkeln
Great Books of the East: The Bhagavad Gita; The Dao De Jing; The Life of the Buddha
Great Books of the West: Herodotus – Histories; Thucydides – The Peloponnesian War; Tacitus – The Annals & The Histories
Latin: Selection of Stories from 13th and 14th century Manuscripts; Traupman – Conversational Latin
Medieval Literary Languages [Mittelhochdeutsch]: Das Nibelungenlied: Mittelhochdeutsch / Neuhochdeutsch (Reclam)
Medieval Literary Languages [Ancien Français]: Chrétien de Troyes – Erec Et Enide (Le Livre de Poche, Lettres Gothiques)
Spanish [All timings]: Carlos Fuentes – La muerte de Artemio Cruz; Gabriel García Márquez – La mala hora
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If you plan to enroll for more than one offering in the month of June, please fill out a separate application form for each.
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