AnimeNEXT 2023 Photoshoot Inquiry Form
Please fill out this form once for each photoshoot you would like to book! If you want to book two or more shoots, please submit two or more forms.

Saturday bookings are not yet open, I'm unsure if I will be able to do Saturday shoots this year but if I can, they will open in June!

About the new con center: Since AnimeNEXT is in a new and relatively unknown convention center and have a required mask policy, there may be very limited areas to shoot indoors. Most of the area outside the convention center appears to be lush greenery. If you would prefer to shoot at one the con-affiliated hotels instead (where we may be able to use their lobby or other scenery not at the con center), please write this in the additional comments area at the end of the form. I can't guarantee hotel shooting, but if there is available time in my schedule it can be done (a $10 fee will be added for hotel shoots).

Photography portfolio and samples can be found here:

$60 per half hour
+$5 per additional person after the first person

Large group shoots (8 people or more) start at $160 for 1 hour.
+$60 per half hour after the first hour
+$5 per person after the 8th person
Group shoots include both group photos and individual shots of every cosplayer.

Boudoir shoots:
$150 per 45 minutes
+$10 per person
+$20 per 15 minutes
If you would like a boudoir shoot, please write that in "additional comments" at the end of the form! Photos from boudoir shoots may be sold with photographer credit. The photographer will never publicly post the photos. A room must be provided by the cosplayer, friends and companions of the cosplayer are very welcome to stay and help if desired.

Price calculator:

You will receive a minimum of 8 photos per half hour, and you can request advanced edits during or after the shoot for no additional charge. There is no maximum limit and you will receive as many photos as we can take during the shoot. You will receive a preview image from your shoot within 3 days of the convention, and the full photoshoot album within 3 weeks.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required at least 25 days before the convention or within one week of booking, whichever is later. A PayPal link will be sent out before this time. The remaining 50% must be paid by the day before the convention and is refundable up until that point.

You will have the photographer's e-mail and phone number for cases where you need to get in contact with them before or during the convention, and the meetup location will be confirmed in advance. The photographer will remain masked during the entirety of the photoshoot. If you would like to reach out at any time before the convention, you can do so via e-mail or the contact form on the website (
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