Content Exam Extension Request
Studying and preparing for exams (both academically and financially) takes time. We understand if you would like an extension! By filling out this form you will be granted the following extension for your content exam:

NEW TEST DATE (no later than): 6/4/2018*

It will be your responsibility to track these new testing and registration dates. Remember, you must wait 30 days in between each testing attempt (should you not pass).

All exams must be passed by 7/15/2018. If exams are not passed by 7/15/18 you will not be able to receive your initial license and you will have to defer from the corps for one year.**

*You can register and test prior to the dates above, they represent the last possible day to register prior to the end of your extension.
**Exceptions apply if you are teaching in Northwest Indiana.

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What is your Subject Area (Example: Elementary, Middle School Science, Diverse Learning) *
I understand that by completing this form my new test registration date will be 5/14/2018 and I will need to upload my registration information screenshot to my google folder *
I understand that by completing this form that I will need to test no later than 6/4/18 (but that I can test before that date if preferred). *
I understand that all content exams need to be passed by 7/15/18 (Exception: if you are testing in Northwest Indiana your ultimate test passage date will be 12/30/2018). *
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