Alternative Programming
With the cancellation of Kayitz 2020 we are all beginning to look for a new normal, which this leads to the uncertainty about what our summer will look like. The following survey was made in an attempt to try and support our community, campers and their families and our staff by identifying possible needs and interests and looking for creative solutions.

Please note that we are adapting to changes on a daily/weekly basis as to what we will be permitted to do. We don’t know what will be possible and what the summer experience will look like.

Your answers will help us and your children find a way to get through this difficult time.
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What purpose does camp serve for you and your family? *
How old are your children? *
Would your child(ren) be interested in attending a Day Camp at Camp Massad? *
Would you be able to provide or find transportation for your child(ren) to and from Camp Massad for the Day Camp? *
NOTE: The times for Day Camp have yet to be decided, but typically our Day Camps run from 10:00-3:30.
How many days during one week could you provide or find transportation? *
What hours would you prefer for Day Camp activities? (at Camp Massad)
Would you consider an off site day camp? (Ie. A day in a Winnipeg park with outdoor camp activities) *
Would you consider virtual programming as an alternative to either overnight camp or in person day camp? *
What kind of virtual or alternative programming would you or your child(ren) find useful? *
Is there an adult home during the day, when virtual or offline camp activity would take place? *
Do you or your child(ren) have any other comments?
Please use this section to voice your own ideas and/or concerns based on the ideas mentioned above. We would love to hear any ideas our campers have!
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