United Choir School 2020-2021 Season Preliminary Information and Survey

Thank you for your steadfast support and your continuing interest in United Choir School. We're pleased to share the following information about format options that will be available for UGC during the upcoming season and some new programs that we will be offering:

Since we're currently unable to offer our “traditional format" of UGC (a full season of regular in-person rehearsals and performances at indoor venues), we will instead be offering the following two alternative format options for the foreseeable future (and until such time as it is deemed safe and practical to proceed otherwise):

This format will aim to replicate the traditional UGC experience as closely as possible by including live singing and in-person social activities whenever possible (in addition to a broad range of high-quality remote learning opportunities). The Adjustable Hybrid format will afford individual families and the organization the freedom to adjust the ratio of in-person to remote activities at any time in response to changing circumstances and/or concerns that may arise. As of this writing, our tentative plan for the fall semester is to hold some regional in-person rehearsals at OUTDOOR venues (e.g. public parks) with a strict mask requirement for all participants (even while singing), a limited number of choristers singing in a given group, contactless sign-in and sign-out procedures, mandatory social distancing and sanitizing protocols, and other key risk-mitigation procedures in place. The schedule and frequency of outdoor rehearsals will vary based on ensemble (details TBA). We expect that any live performances held during the fall semester will also be outdoors and subject to strict social distancing and mask requirements for performers and audience members alike.

Please see our Policies and Protocols for Safely Singing During the COVID-19 Pandemic for additional information: https://unitedchoir.com/covid-19-policies/

We’re certainly hoping that it will become possible for us to resume holding indoor UGC rehearsals and/or performances at some point during the winter or spring of 2021 and to offer something along the lines of our "traditional format" of UGC. However, at this time, we cannot predict whether it will be deemed safe and appropriate to do so. We will continue to monitor relevant scientific studies and public health guidelines and will respond accordingly when the time comes.

For choristers whose preference for the 2020-2021 season (or a yet-to-be-determined portion thereof) is to participate in UCS activities exclusively via teleconferencing, we will be offering an Online-Only option, which will provide great opportunities for singing, learning, musical games, and social bonding all from the comfort and convenience of home. Choristers who select this format at the time of registration will have the option of switching to the Adjustable Hybrid format at various points during the season.

For the first time ever, UCS will be offering online group lessons and music courses for students of all ages and experience levels. Fields of study will include voice, piano, conducting, composition, music theory, music history, sight singing, improvisation, philosophy of leadership, music technology, first steps in choral singing (ages 2-5), and music appreciation for adults. Many courses will include opportunities for peer coaching and mentoring as well as optional homework assignments and practice exercises for those who wish to do extra work independently or in small, level-specific “study groups”. These programs, which will be offered through United Choir School's new ChoralKeys division, will enable students to expand their musical knowledge, learn new skills, build confidence, collaborate with other passionate musicians, gain leadership experience, and make new friends in a fun and joyful atmosphere under the nurturing guidance of UCS instructors. Separate tuition will apply to ChoralKeys courses. UGC choristers will be eligible for special discounts. Unlock your potential with ChoralKeys!
Please complete the brief survey below. Your feedback will help us finalize our plans for the upcoming choir season!
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Please help us spread the word about our programs. Due to the pandemic, we have been unable to recruit new students in conventional ways this year. Please share these posts on social media: UGC: https://www.facebook.com/unitedgirlschoir/posts/4590040244347126 and ChoralKeys: https://www.facebook.com/Elmcitygirlschoir/photos/a.852226598135438/3546924505332287/ And if you know of anyone who might be interested in auditioning for UGC and/or enrolling in a ChoralKeys course, please encourage them to contact us at info@unitedchoir.com and/or provide their names and e-mail addresses below:
We are currently exploring options for outdoor rehearsal and performance venues throughout the region. For rehearsals, we are specifically looking for venues in the Greater Madison, North Haven, and Shelton areas that would be available for public use on a weekday afternoon or could be rented at a reasonable rate. An ideal outdoor rehearsal venue will include a large, flat open area such as a park, meadow, or athletic field as well as a large, covered structure or canopied space, such as an open-air picnic pavilion or open-sided activity tent and restroom facilities (or at the very least a portable toilet) nearby. Access to electricity is a plus, but not essential. If you know of any parks or institutions (e.g. churches, schools, community centers, etc.) that may have such facilities available and/or if you have any relevant connections, please provide details below. Thank you!
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